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(1/5) Mod Thread: Pony

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(1/5) Mod Thread: Pony

Post by Guest on Tue Apr 21, 2015 7:26 pm


Hello, I'm Pony!
    First of all, I would like to say a huge thank you for all the admins for considering me as a contestant. To start off with this thread, I just wanted to say I had so much fun and experience around this whole forum, so not only that, but I would also like to thank all of the members here for letting this happen. <3
    A contribution for becoming a mod is that I have plenty of experience, which I'm sure is enough to be able to manage this type of job. I have been mostly all the ranks before, including admin, mod, chatbox mod, graphic artist, and reporter. I know how to lock, move, delete, etc. topics, as well as moderate the chatbox. I also own my own website/blog that I still use.
    I, also will respect my abilities, so I will not use this to mistreat and act unfairly to other or even become biased from my best friends. I will treat everyone fair and equal as they should be treated. I have been on this forum for a while now and I am that person who detest violence, (bad) drama, and fights! I am a loyal member to Bearville Boulevard. I understand all their hard effort and difficulties at times, and I been through that before. I just really want to get the chance to help others even more!
    I will help straighten problems out when they come, encourage and inspire members as well. I will not tolerate bulling and will make sure that everyone is included; getting along on the forum as well as on the chatbox. I will be more than happy to help everyone and give advices at their aids. I also really want to make sure that everyone is having a fantastic time! Create bonds of friendship, as well as being respectful with everyone including one another.
    I will put my whole effort into this and working hard to make all of this happen. I understand and know there are disadvantages considering me for this position, but I just wanted to let you know, I will try my best to make this work. Not only to do my duties, but I will contribute the forum by posting, giving suggestions and tips, ideas, games, and much more! I will respect everyone on here equally, so I will not treat staff members higher than those because I believe everyone deserves a chance to be who they are and shine! The staff are no better than the members, so as a little note to everyone: keep up your best effort because we all know that everyone on here is a HUGE part of this forum. <333
    As much as I can, I would wish to make this forum as joyful and appealing for everyone as possible because you all deserve to be happy. We really would like to make this place fun and entertaining! I appreciate all that everyone has done for this forum. I will also try to make this place safe and energetic. I will share the happiness, fun, advices, knowledge, etc.
    I understand there is a distraction that I may only be able to come on the weekends or whenever I am off from school, have time after, etc. This, I really can't control, so with deep feelings, I am very, very, very sorry about my in-activeness. Chances are, I will not let this interfere with anything that I am willingly to do in this position.


Smile Posting
Smile Sharing
Smile inspire
Smile Duties  
Smile Make sure everyone feels welcome.
Smile Makes sure everyone is having fun.
Smile Come on at least twice a week.

Sad Stay too active.
Sad Etc. (I'm sorry, I'm not sure what else is
missing from this list, so I guess you decide?)
Mini -5 questions- Q & A with Pony:

Question 1: What are so ways you would contribute if you were chosen as mod?
     Well, I mean it's a busy and tough job to handle, but I will do whatever I can to bring fun and happiness across the forum. Like what I've said from above, with many, many suggestions and tips to keep this forum going and interesting. There are lots of time ahead as well to prepare for this, so why not start now? I also want to set great examples to others in this position which would lead to inspirations. I will do my duties, but there are some cons as well because no one is really perfect in this world. (:
    I will hopefully be able to have time hosting contests, ideas, share many unique opportunities, adventures and experiences, creativity, encourage others to follow their dreams, and of course extend a helping hand. It would also be really nice to inspire others to encounter their own world too. There's so, so, so many things I could be able to participate and help out with, ones that are not listed above.

Question 2: What do you think is the propose of being a mod?
    First of all, I really dislike yelling and bossing others around which I will definitely not do on here. I will show you how things go, but I am not here to tempt and persuade members to do things my way. I would show them the right way, though. I believe everyone is unique and different because they were made that way by God, so they should be able to share their personality; character and interests with everyone. I also believe everyone here is similar in many ways.
    It is not only that the mods do their duties, but they understand and express their character as well to everyone else. It is also a good way for a mod to be helpful and honest in ways that show they are conformable with the job. How they react in situations and relate to others' feelings and keep the forum cheerful. We all understand it is too that mods should help keep the forum clean, fresh, and happy-as well as having a great time. Agreed?
    A mod should also know how to handle the forum like posting, locking; moving; deleting topics, sharing & caring, listening and express their ideas, making friends, etc. There are so many ways mods can do for the forum and the members! I believe a mod's job is important.

Question 3: How would you ask the members to vote?
    I dislike it when others come to pretend about something or being dishonest just to make you feel happy. Sad It's just not right because deep inside, the others' feelings are different. This can cause to trouble in consequences as well. I believe it is right to choose your own opinions even though others think differently. It doesn't matter what you think, that's you. You're you. No one can change that, but you. 
    This helps what you think, so others can learn and relate to your own opinions. This is being honest. Being honest is always the best whether to your friends or not. But be careful sometimes when you do, make sure it is a good choice first because there are a slight chance you can change it. So, choose the better side. Smile
    Once you do get to vote, really choose who you think is perfect for the job. Even I know I'm not perfect! Not your best friend, etc. Be yourself. Be honest. I'm not here to convince anyone to vote for me. I would like everyone to choose who they really think deserves this position. God will guide you on whatever choice you make if you are having trouble and don't worry if you didn't vote for me, I'm always here to help whether I'm a staff or not. (:

Question 4: Will not being active affect you on contributing and participating in the forums?
    Of course not! :3 Even though, I may not be active, once I'm on here or whenever I can I will be posting and spending a great time with everyone on here. When I am on, I will do my best to help the forum as much as I can while it lasts. I hope this doesn't affect you much when it comes to voting.

Question 5: How much experience do you think you have? Do you think they are enough?
  I had had so much experience from the coast of the previous years. As I have said, I have been mostly all the ranks before. I also rely on a website I own and still use today. I am pretty sure I have enough experience to manage this position. Including admin, mod, chatbox mod, graphic artist, and reporter; I'm not sure what's still missing on the list that would be necessary. Over the verge of the year, I was pretty beat up with plenty of experience that I gained & would love to share! I am also sure I have enough for this position. Wink

End of Interview.

This will mean so much to me if you consider me, but I don't want to persuade anyone who doesn't believe I fit in this position and that's completely fine! I may not as active as members on here, but I will do my best, so that we ALL can help one another grow in the future. And this is honest me.
Just a note: I am really sorry it had to be that long and boring (If you thought it was). Hopefully it told you a lot and you enjoyed reading it because I didn't want you to waste any effort or time reading something pointless. xD All of this effort goes to a special shout-out to: ALL OF YOU!
I also can't want to see the new mod because I'm sure they will do just as great as the previous mods in the past. So, just a huge good luck to all the contestants! <3
Pony really wants to see a Smile on your face.
Pony will try her best to make you Smile .
Pony <3s you.
With  ,
xoxo Pony.




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