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Harry Potter an the Half Blood Fanfic

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Harry Potter an the Half Blood Fanfic

Post by ky on Tue Oct 27, 2015 8:02 pm

1- Severus snape
There was a storm brewing around Spinners End. People were preparing for really bad floods. All exception the inhabitants of one house. Severus Snape was not preparing for the storm, but, infact, for a much bigger chain of events, because Lord Voldemort himself was coming to the little house in Spinners End. Snape, as readers may have gathered from other books, was a death eater, but in fact Severus Snape, Potions master at Hogwarts, him a great secret.
He wasn't a death eater.
White faced,Snape pulled open the door, to see the face of Lord Voldemort, followed by the grinning one of Bellatrix Lestrange. They came into the house, filling it with a sense of darkness. "My Lord" spoke Snape, bowing down. Bellatrix gave Snape a look of utter disliking. Voldemort looked at Snape and spoke, in his cold, high voice

"Severus, i need your help to murder Harry potter"
200 Miles away, the boy called Harry Potter woke with a start.
2-Harry Potter
Harry Potter woke with a start. His lightning shaped scar, the reminder of why he was lying where he was, was throbbing with intense pain. He rubbed it angrily. He reached for his glasses and put them on. It was dusk, the sky an array of colours illuminating Harry's room, the smallest room in 4 Privet Drive. He could hear his cousin, Dudley, snoring in the next room. The memory of he home he could of had wih his Godfather, Sirius if Peter hadn't esaped had haunted him for the last 5 months. Sirius had been inocently sent to Askaban for a murder he didnt commit, while the man everyone thought to be dead, the REAL murderer, Peter Pettigrew, ran around pretending to be Scabbers, Ron Weasleys pet rat.
Suddenly, there was an almighty...
Harry leapt out of his bed. He had forgotten to tell the Dursleys that Dumbledore was coming. Harry's Uncle Vernon was standing in the hall, bellowing " WHO THE RUDDY HELLS HERE THIS LATE AT NIGHT?" at Harry, who was running down the stairs towards the door. He pulled it open, and the round, shiny face of Albus Dumbledore was standin behind it.
3- Dumbledore (p1)
Dumbledore set his gase upon the Dursleys, who were looking at him, shocked that such a man like that, would even attempt to come intonp the world where, his type were looked upon as freaks.
"Ah, Harry" Dumbledore smiled. "Have you got your things ready? Accio Harry's trunk!" The trunk flew down the stairs, and with a flick of Dumbledores wand, it was gone "Now, Harry. We must go, if you would like, you can accompany me on a job I must do first." Harry looked at him and said "Sir...?" But Dumbledore simply said "Grab my arm, Harry"

4- Ari Lovegood
Harry just about landed on his feet. "I just apparaed, didnt I?" He said shakily. Dumbledore smiled at him and said "Rather well, most people are sick the first time" Harry muttered "Im not sure why...". He hurried after Dumbledore down a little lane and came to a cottage unfamiliar.  There was a sign saying "Keep off the plumbs". The 'Plumbs' were orange and floatig in the  sky. It looked,to Harry, like somethin Luna Lovegood would have. Dumbledore knocked on the door,
And the face of Luna Lovegood appeared.
"Hello, Professor." She said in her, rather dreamy voice. "Hi, Harry". She led them into the house. It was rather rickety and the walls were covered in horns. In the lounge was Mr.Lovegood and another girl, similar to Luna, the same hair, but her facial features were softer, her skin the same. She gave Harry a great smile.
"Hello, Im Ariana, but everyone calls me Ari." Harry smiled at her. Dumbledore started to speak, "Hello, Miss Lovegood. I think the time is ri-" "No, I dont want to come back." Luna blinked at her sister "Come on, Ari. You should come. Everyone is very friendly, and commentating quidditch is very fun, although people expect Harry to have cooler friends than us" Ariana glanced at Harry. "You've ju-" Harry smiled at her "Yeah you are my friend, Ariana" Dumbledore smiled, "Very well, you will return to Ravenclaw house as a 4th year, like your sister. I trust you have a ₩and" Ariana nodded. "Well, see you Luna, Ariana." Harry smiled as he walked away with Dumbledore.
"Harry, we shall be off now. Im sure your friends Mr. Weasley ans Miss. Granger will be delighted to see you. Take my arm"
"Not again" muttered Harry



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Re: Harry Potter an the Half Blood Fanfic

Post by Aspen Heights Fan on Fri Oct 30, 2015 8:46 pm

Sorry, I was a little confused. whops Smile Is this a little made up harry potter scene? I think it's great!

I love Harry potter and the Half blood prince. It is such an amazing book!!!!
Aspen Heights Fan
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Re: Harry Potter an the Half Blood Fanfic

Post by Hazza on Wed Dec 23, 2015 8:07 pm


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Re: Harry Potter an the Half Blood Fanfic

Post by Sponsored content

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