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Reporting Updates

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Reporting Updates

Post by Hazza on Fri Sep 29, 2017 3:42 pm

I already touched on this by posting here. Although I also want to make an official thread about it.

Maybe we could do like a reporter's "special"? Like for every 5 articles written, the reporter could get something as a token of the forum's appreciation. 

Another idea is reporter of the month, although I'm not sure if we have enough reporters for that. 

Or, what about a poll at the end of every month for members to vote on their favorite article? The reporter that wrote the winning article could get some form of a recognition. c:

1) Now counting with a newly written article, it will count for the special. I am also thinking of specials for 5, 10, etc. articles. 

2) I would love to start reporter of the month, but there is not enough reporters for this. However if I can think of an alternative it can work.

3) Yes a poll would be a fantastic idea and an admin will post it sometime during the last week of the month so this starts in October.

We can open the option of style to them on how they'd like to report something. Like for example, for the music category, there could be "Guess the Song" game or a post with just pictures. A coded message held for the audience that will be revealed in the next update (you know, like whoever gets the correct answer first from a question mentioned in the post) or even toss a poll in there (our minds are linked, Savanah!). If the games forum is active and we were to incorporate them into this forum, it would be a win-win. For each time they answer a question right, a prize can be distributed. The original thread starter can even start a scoreboard. A number of wins can unlock ribbons. If you want to get even more complicated, start asking them to provide new facts to add to the thread so they can jump from a level to the next.
We can even have a slot in our profile dedicated only to this.
Words don't always express a reporter's capabilities. ;D

Reporters are open to write anyway they want so it doesn't have to be normal article format. Just like how there are polls and quizzes online, reporters can make those that show the member's interest in the topic or to simply see what they get. Even if we try to make the forum more active in games opposed to using the games forum more then it will feel more like a fandom forum.

If you have anymore ideas to add to the linked thread to the reporting ideas go ahead and post on it. Hopefully this is in the right track to making the fandom forums more active. Any questions or concerns you can ask on here or through pm.

Founder Samantha
Founder Samantha

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Re: Reporting Updates

Post by Savanah on Fri Sep 29, 2017 4:24 pm

Thanks for posting this Sammy! I think it's a great start to updating the reporting forum. ; D I'll definitely post more ideas as I think of them.
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